Reaching for the sky with Equalitude bracelets

It all started out 3 years ago.. 

It was over 130 degrees Fahrenheit in the sewing factory in India. Mel and Doug were working with Bodhi, the young lady who oversaw the sample line. Day 3 arrives, but Bodhi does not. Her baby, stricken with heat exhaustion, was rushed to the hospital because her apartment was too hot.

That evening, we purchased an air conditioner, brought it to her apartment and gave her money to run it for some time. Later that evening, during a very serious discussion, we had an epiphany:

In negotiating the best possible price from the factory, we were negatively impacting the workers personal living conditions... We were actually part of the problem...

The next morning we returned to the factory and renegotiated the prices. We gave the factory more money, but not to further line the owner’s pockets, instead the money had to be allocated to the betterment of the workers and the working conditions.

Bodhi returned back to work with her son safe at home. Tears in her eyes and a smile on her face, she greeted us, “Thank you for bringing my baby back. You are my heroes”.  Her gift back was her prized possession: a pair of sunglasses a family member had brought back for her from a trip to Italy.

This profound moment, this beautiful connection that developed between us was the fuel that ignited our passion to bring more connectivity, love, and understanding to the world.. 

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