• Equalitude, unique bracelets shown in open hands. Each bead signifies a skintone of someone from around the world

    One Global Family

One Global Family


Represent Equality, Respect and Compassion with an Equalitude Bracelet

Find beauty in unity, diversity and harmony.

With a special tool that measured actual skin tones, we created the beads from recycled material to represent the different skin tones of our shared humanity. The blue jasper bead is used to symbolize the global connectivity. Together, this meaningful bracelet celebrates our beautiful differences ranging from race, color, creed, religion, age, sexual orientation, and others. 

A Meaningful Bracelet Embodying Diversity, Unity and Peace in Our Shared Humanity

"I wear this bracelet everyday... and I love it and what it stands for. Absolutely love this mission. Thanks for taking the initiative to start the movement. 💙 "

Jesse H.

“Loving my bracelet from #equalitude that celebrates the diversity of all people. This bracelet embodies every shade that WE resemble.”


"The EQUALITUDE bracelet is a powerful symbolism of human connections."

Ben Bowler, Unity Earth

"All human beings are part of the human family. Join the band."

Jonathan Granoff, Global Security Institute

“Love this!!! I ordered mine last week when I heard Danielle talking about them on the radio!”

Kim S.